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At the Restorative Medical Center, we believe in addressing the root cause of your symptoms. Too many practitioners are reactive – giving you a pill for pain when they should be looking deeper. With functional medicine in Venice, FL, you’ll be well on your way to true healing as we take the time to figure out what’s going on with your health.

Functional medicine is perfect for complex conditions like hormone imbalances and thyroid issues. Hormone replacement therapy and personalized thyroid wellness plans help relieve chronic symptoms and achieve results that last. 


Conditions We Treat

People who spent years dealing with the conditions below found relief through functional medicine.


Many body imbalances can lead to feeling tired all the time. It’s our job to figure out what’s causing your fatigue and get you back to feeling your best.

Chronic Pain

Inflammation and stress can lead to chronic pain. Boost your quality of life and get back to doing what you love by finding a functional medicine solution.

Thyroid Issues

If you feel worn down all the time and can’t seem to lose weight, then your thyroid may be underperforming.


Despite what you might have heard, you can work to improve your body’s blood sugar maintenance and insulin use. Through hormone therapy and nutrition, the Restorative Medical Center empowers you to make a difference in diabetes management.

Weight Gain

Science shows that weight gain isn’t just about counting calories. Hormones, genetics, and toxins can sabotage your weight goals. Let’s work together to lower your weight. 


For people living in Venice, FL, cognitive decline needs to be addressed as early as possible. Through holistic wellness plans, we improve brain function and relieve the symptoms of Alzheimer’s.

Autoimmune Disorders

Reduce pain and correct your body’s immune system by finding out the reason for your autoimmune disorder.

Functional Medicine Services in Venice, FL

Here’s how we support your healing journey

Pairing advanced technology with the soundest medical principles to help you achieve true healing. From hormone replacement therapy to nutrition, we’re here for you.

So many modern illnesses are caused by hormone imbalances. HRT supplements your body’s hormone production so that your body performs its best.

Nutrition coaching goes far beyond weight loss. Nutrition affects everything from immune support to mood. Feel happier and get back to doing what you love by improving your nutrition.

Boost your health on the cellular level with peptide therapy in Venice, FL. We will recommend specific peptides tailored to your situation, and these peptides will increase cellular function.

The Restorative Medical Center goes above and beyond “normal” lab tests. We dive into your nutrition, hormones, bloodwork, and genetics to find out where your symptoms are coming from.

Lose weight the sustainable way with a functional medicine weight loss program. We address nutrition, hormones, lifestyle, and more to help you see noticeable results.

Who We Are

About Christina Parker, MSN, NP

One day while researching treatments for a client, I read an article written by a Functional Medicine Doctor. This opened my eyes to a whole new world where patients are treated like human beings. We learn to treat the whole person and not just a symptom or disease. I strive every day to look at each individual as a whole. I care about each of my patients and honestly care for their health. I love coming to work every day to help others. With Functional Medicine, my patients actually get to feel GOOD!! 


In July 2012 ago, Christina opened up Restorative Medical Center right here in Venice, FL. She enjoys the personalized care she is able to give her patients and is constantly staying up to date on the latest functional medicine research.

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