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        Restorative Medical Center 


                                                                                  Your Guide to Optimal Health


Christina Parker, MSN, NP received her Masters in Nursing from Graceland University in Independence, MO in 2010.  She holds her Autonomous Practice license. She is a member of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, Institute of Functional Medicine and the American Academy of Anti-Aging. Christina trained in Functional Medicine at the Institute of Functional Medicine, Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy at Sajune Institute of Restorative & Regenerative Medicine, Hormone Replacement Therapy, Peptide therapy, Pellet therapy, PRP/Stem Cell therapy from the American Academy of Anti-Aging. She integrates traditional medicine with functional medicine for optimal health for ages birth and beyond.

Christina was born and raised in a small NE Indiana farming community. She made her way south to SW Florida in 2007 and. resides here in Venice with her children and beloved GoldenDoodle Chloe! 

One day while researching treatments for a client I read an article written by a Functional Medicine Doctor. This opened my eyes up to a whole new world where patients are treated like human beings. We learn to treat the whole person and not just a symptom or disease. I strive every day to look at each individual as a whole. I care about each of my patients and honestly care for their health. I love coming to work every day to help others. With Functional Medicine my patients actually get to feel GOOD!! She opened up Restorative Medical Center in 2012 and enjoys the personalized care she is able to give her patients.

I 100% believe in every treatment we offer at Restorative Medical Center. I would not treat a patient any differently than I would treat myself or a family member.

Michelle, RN 

Michelle is a native of Niagara Falls, NY. She received her Nursing Diploma from The Buffalo General Hospital School of Nursing in 1987. She worked in a small community hospital in Western New York for 29 years taking care of both medical and surgical patients on the floors, finishing her tenure there as a Charge Nurse of a 33 bed surgical unit. She moved to SW Florida in 2015, bringing with her, years of experience in IV insertion, blood draws, patient care, general medical knowledge and organizational skills.

Michelle joined The Restorative Medical Center in 2017. She finds working in the Functional Medicine world a refreshing change from conventional medicine, and although the two do meet from time to time, preventing illness and seeking out cause for ongoing symptoms, should be at the forefront of every medical practice, no matter what the background. She enjoys speaking with and educating patients she has the privilege of seeing throughout the workday.

Living in Florida has been a big change from Western New York, she is glad to leave the snow behind, and never again have to wait until the weather is better to get outside and do things. 


Our practice ONLY accepts cash or credit. We do not bill insurance companies. We will give you the office codes and diagnosis codes to turn into your insurance company for you to get reimbursed from them. The reason behind this is because like it or not, insurance companies dictate what tests your healthcare provider orders, what medications he/she prescribes and how long your provider can visit with you. I don't want YOUR care dictated by your insurance company. All labs and imaging go through insurance if you have it.