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Established with the mission to revolutionize health and wellness, The Healthplex embarked on its journey in Wheeling, WV, determined to provide a refreshing alternative to the traditional methods of treating chronic health issues. Our founders, a dedicated team of experts in the field of functional medicine, were disheartened by the recurring cycle of symptomatic treatments that fail to address the root cause of health issues.

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Dr. Ryan Ferns - Founder

Dr. Ferns’ journey to functional medicine was a windy one. In his youth, Dr. Ferns played every sport imaginable. He became fascinated by the idea that he could eat and train a certain way and he was able to experience measurable improvements in his physical performance. As he got older and began thinking about a career, he did not have a mentor in life capable of guiding him down a path that would give him the opportunity to help others experience a life with optimal health. So when he graduated from college, he enrolled in Physical Therapy school thinking that was the career path most similar to his interest in health optimization. After a few years of being frequently denied by health insurance companies to do anything beyond physical medicine, Dr. Ferns made the drastic decision to change his career path. He applied to and was accepted into the Yale School of Medicine. Thinking a career in medicine would allow him to treat patients in a more holistic manner and not be limited to just physical health, he immersed himself in the program at Yale learning everything he could about the diseases that afflicted the human body and the treatments offered in medicine. Not long after beginning his clinical rotations, Dr. Ferns quickly realized that the limitations he experienced as a physical therapist were even more severe as a medical provider. The average visit time with patients in his urgent care and primary care clinical rotations was 7-10 minutes. Again, Dr. Ferns became quickly frustrated with the limitations placed on him by the health insurance companies and he felt no closer to being able to provide the type of comprehensive care he always dreamed of. It was at this pivotal time in his life Dr. Ferns received a phone call from a man by the name of Dr. Charles Webb. Dr. Webb was one of the top functional medicine doctors in the country at the time and he began explaining to Dr. Ferns that if he was willing to break out of the conventional healthcare system, he could create a practice that would provide his patients the kind of care they deserved. Dr. Webb mentored Dr. Ferns to make yet another shift in his career path and begin his specialty training at the Institute for Functional Medicine. After learning about the advanced scientific treatments and methods in functional medicine, he began building a team of experts that would be able to provide a level of comprehensive care unheard of before in this region. As a result, the functional medicine practice known today as The Healthplex was born.

Heather Moore - Functional Medicine Provider

Heather Moore, L.Ac, is a California and NCCAOM certified licensed acupuncturist and functional medicine provider with a specialty in women’s health and hormones. Heather takes a multidisciplinary approach and strongly believes in integrative medicine to comprehensively treat and eliminate chronic disease. Heather graduated with a Master of Science, Magne Cum Laude, from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, San Diego, in 1999. Heather discovered the benefits of acupuncture over 25 years ago for a gynecological issue. The only treatment offered by her gynecologist was birth control, which she then discovered she had an allergy to synthetic estrogen. Heather sought an acupuncturist and kinesiologist and her symptoms resolved within 2 cycles. Amazed and intrigued by this experience and also knowing the limitations of conventional medicine, she developed a passion for learning the healing mechanisms of the human body, which she believes is a perfectly designed biological system. Heather returned to school in 2018 to gain a deeper understanding of biochemistry, she received a Bachelor of Science in Cellular Biology and Chemistry. This knowledge has given her a unique understanding of the mechanisms of disease and chronic pain and is an excellent educator with clients. When Heather isn’t treating patients, she is exploring nature, pushing her body to its limits, or getting into mischief with friends.

Wendy Kubala - Health Coach and Program Coordinator

Wendy started her professional career as a Certified Athletic Trainer (A.T.,C.), working for the Cleveland Clinic for over 15 years. During that time, she had the opportunity to work with professional, collegiate, and high school athletes who were training at the highest levels. Wendy loved every minute of her career until the license she worked so hard to get was no longer accepted through commercial insurance companies. This led Wendy to go back to school to become a Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA).

In 2017, she was hired at The Healthplex to be the clinic director and to assist with marketing. On a personal note, Wendy has experienced her own health journey using functional medicine and discovering the root causes of her health issues. She lost 130 lbs in ten months and now feels as she did in her twenties. The one thing Wendy says to everyone is that if she can do it, so can you.

Kathi Salatino - Nutrition Coach

Kathi Salatino is an Integrative/Functional Health and Nutrition Specialist, with extensive training/certifications in Functional Nutrition, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Behavioral Science, and Positive Psychology. She is also a Master Level Life Coach and Certified Heroic Performance Coach, to offer the full spectrum approach in working with the multiple layers that lead to a decline in health.

After her own journey of losing over 100 pounds, and both of her parents to chronic health conditions, Kathi became addicted to research and continuing education. She has a very curious mind when it comes to looking at what is truly driving the challenges and health concerns each client faces and is committed to helping them optimize their health and their life by addressing their foundational habits with awareness, simplicity, and their individualized needs in mind.

Christa Giordano - Fitness Coach

As the lead fitness coach at the Healthplex, Christa is passionate about helping people find what fitness means to them. She started coaching in 2008 and loves helping people surpass the goals they set and accomplish more than they ever thought possible. She focuses on functional movement that translates into day-to-day life. Christa is passionate about helping people understand the importance of increasing mobility and strength. She believes it is possible to find ways to work around any injuries or limitations you have, and she will help build your confidence in yourself through fitness. Our clients appreciate the way she eases them into movements and the support she provides.

Janette Anderson - Front office manager

Janette spent the majority of her life working in the healthcare industry; from hospitals, to physician offices to billing offices. Over those years she began to see a noticeable difference in how patients were being treated for their health concerns. Healthcare was becoming more of a band-aid fix on serious health problems. Janette was seeing more and more people not getting answers to their problems and instead just being medicated. She was also seeing a trend in what the insurance companies would not cover.

In 2019, Janette was working for a billing company when the opportunity to work at The Healthplex presented itself. The medical field had always intrigued her, but putting the functional medicine spin on it made it more more sense to her because of the real solutions that are offered. She jumped at the opportunity and never looked back.

Today, you will be greeted by Janette’s smiling face any time you come through the front doors of The Healthplex.

Jeremy Puglisi - CFO and “tech guru”

Jeremy Puglisi is the CFO at The Healthplex as well as the “tech guru”. He joined The Healthplex in 2014 and has worn many hats during his time in the facility. Jeremy started his health journey back in 2022 by going through a wellness program of his own. “The changes that I got from working through the program have been life-changing. I was a terrible sleeper and had a lot of inflammation, especially in my knees among other issues. After completing my program those issues have greatly improved or been completely eliminated!” When he is not at The Healthplex Jeremy loves to spend his time on the golf course or walking around Oglebay Park with his wife Heather and dog Libby.

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